Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

buying house poland
buying house Poland

Polish search engines

If you would like to obtain the widest range of results when looking for estate agents and property for sale, it is best to use Polish search engines.

This can be tricky when requiring search terms written in Polish because of the slightly different alphabet and accents. The easiest thing to do is to copy and paste selected phrases into the search engine.

Polish search engines   Useful phrases   Nieruchomości dom      

Useful Polish words and phrases

Estate agent Biuro Nieruchomości
house dom
detached house dom wolnostojący
flat/apartment mieszkanie
block of flats kamienica
plots działki
plot size areał
sell sprzedam
garage garaż
rooms pokoje
kitchen kuchnia
description opis
sewerage kanalizacja
Reference number Numer oferty



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