Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

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Documents involved in house purchase

A file of documents is always involved in any legal transactions. These need to be stored carefully because they will be required again in the future when you come to sell your property.

Documents you are likely to encounter for house purchase in Poland

1. Agreement to pay estate agency their fee on successful purchase of a property.

2. Formal offer for property and acceptance by buyer - an initial contract. This is not binding until a deposit has been paid.

3.Signing of this initial contract to purchase at notary. We found that the Polish notary had the entire agreement printed. She read through this carefully with all parties concerned; buyer, seller, estate agents. Any possible amendments were carefully noted. The final report is printed out for signing by all parties.

4. Permit to purchase a property. Read rules concerning permits for foreigners. Permits are valid for up to 2 years and relate to the purchase of specific named properties.

Certain documents need to be provided for proof of identity:

  • Copy of passport - authorised as identical to original by Polish Consulate
  • Copy of driving licence for proof of address





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