Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

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Estate Agents in Poland

So far, we have dealt with only 3 estate agents in initially viewing properties although we used the Internet a great deal to look for houses on various web sites.

There are very few houses currently advertised with translations in other languages. It's probably best to use the Vocabulary section of this site to try to understand the Polish adverts because that gives you a far wider choice.

Trials and tribulations of dealing with Estate Agents

Obtaining schedules - we found that we simply could not get Polish estate agents to send us schedules of properties. If they were on the net then we had descriptions, otherwise they would invite us to their offices in Poland which was not that convenient. We wanted to know if they had anything of interest before we arrived in Poland. As the demand increases from overseas I would imagine that estate agents will begin creating downloadable .pdf details of properties.

Time constraints. Most people looking for property abroad have time constraints. if you're driving in unknown territory, in a rental car with the steering wheel, gears and handbrake on the opposite side to the one you're used to, it can be a little tricky. Not only do you have to remember to stay on the right-hand side of the road, attempt to read Polish signs and maps but also to manoeuvre an unfamiliar car. The very idea of initially visiting several estate agents in strange towns is a daunting prospect indeed. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Estate agents services. Our experiences of estate agents were very good, not only do they drive you to view properties but also go beyond any expectations to assist with detailed explanations, detailed facts and patience in trying to converse in a mixture of Polish and English.

The estate agent, Andrzej Skrzypek we have purchased our house through, not only collected me from the airport on the day I was due to sign at the notary but also assisted me in opening a bank account, looked after me and also collected me in the evening to return to the airport after I had been shopping. We originally met him through the portal that various Polish estate agencies advertise on.

Now that we have paid for the purchase, Andrzej Skrzypek said he would organise the transfer of payee on all utilities and household insurance to ourselves so that direct debits can be set up to make all such regular bill payments automatic. An attempt to transfer the gas bill failed, although he did try, plus also arranged the house insurance. We still need to arrange for other billing and are finding some things needlessly difficult.

Language Barriers. One problem that non Polish speaking people from abroad will encounter is that forms and contracts are all written in Polish. You will need to have these translated for you before signing otherwise you could be signing your life away. Ideally, estate agents dealing with foreigners will begin producing versions in alternative languages.


Estate agencies in Poland for buying and renting

  • - Polish/English - deals with Krakow and outskirts, SE Poland


  • MLS - all in Polish
  • Twój Dom - means your house - all in Polish
  • Anma - estate agent for far SW Poland, English version
  • - large number of properties all over Poland

Find numerous other estate agents on the web

Simply copy and paste the phrase 'Biuro Nieruchomości' into your browser and you will find a multitude of estate agents in Poland.



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