Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

buying house poland
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Costs involved

This is an outline of the costs we encountered during the process of house finding and purchase in Poland.

It might just help you to "see the wood for the trees".


Costs entailed in buying a house in Poland

I must admit that very few people would make a decision based on viewing so few properties but I am the kind of person who knows what they like and makes decisions quickly, perhaps to repent at leisure - the future will tell, but so far, months later we're stll very pleased. From a distance it is very difficult to keep searching for that 'perfect' property - the Internet is a very useful tool in this respect. I would suggest that you have all of your aims and requirements written out in detail before you arrive and compare houses that you view on that basis otherwise the costs will mount up.

These sample costs are based on an £80,000 detached house south of Krakow and are specified in £ Sterling and are intended as a guide only. VAT on property related services is 22% . Click to read our recommendations for a hotel and taxi driver in Kraków (Cracow).


Approximate cost in pounds sterling

1. Viewing properties  
Travel (flights, car hire rental, public transport, taxis)
Hotels and food for 3 day stay
2. Purchase Costs
Hotels and food
3% fee to estate agent (no longer applicable to buyers, only seller pays)
VAT at on estate agent costs
Legal fee for writing into Land Registry or 'Eternal Book'
Fee to Notary including VAT at 22%
10% deposit
Balance on property
Permit Fee
Fees to Polish Consulate for stamping and authenticating 3 documents
2% purchase tax £1,600
Other legal fees
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