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Buying a House in Poland

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Polish/English Translators

We used the services of a translator for documents that had to have an official stamp to prove that they had been translated by an authorised professional translator.

Translation services

Because my parents are Polish I am also applying for a Polish passport. Anyone who can prove their Polish descent can obtain a Polish passport.*

The application requires to be written in Polish with certain official documents such as birth certificate and marriage certificate to be translated by an authorised translator.

This we found to be an expensive process. We used a translation company in Poland that we found over the web. The cost per word was 0.15 Euros, which sounded extremely reasonable until the bill came in at almost £50 per document. I was not aware that there were so many words on a birth or marriage certificate and really it's money for 'old rope'. Once they have the format for the translation of a birth certificate from a certain country it can be re-used to generate income easily ad-infinitum.

The advantage of using the services of a company over the web is that I could send scanned documents for them to translate which can be attached to originals. The other way to do it is to send by post which takes longer but you will have authenticated translations. Either way, the translations are rubber stamped and returned by post (takes about a week to arrive).

I look forward to receiving more recommendations from visitors to the site. Two recommended translators are shown below:

Sworn translators recommended by visitors to the web site
  • One sworn translator that has been recommended is Anita Myszk near Gdansk. She deals with Polish and English. Click here for website. She is apparently efficient, friendly and offers a value for money service.
  • Another sworn translator who has shown an efficient and reasonably priced service is Piotr Mizia from Krakow. Email Piotr

Services of a local Polish guide

A local Polish person speaking your language would be most useful though to help you find the things and places you need and to act as a translator when the estate agent or anyone else you deal with does not speak your language. They know where the local government offices are and which ones to go to for various functions.

The following page lists people who are willing to act as informal translators on your behalf which can be invaluable when dealing with administrative tasks in Poland.

If you are fluent in Polish plus another language, live anywhere in Poland, do please feel free to offer your services. Add your details to the input form for that purpose so that you can register your details and hourly rate online should visitors to the site require them.

Translating common Polish phrases over the web

There are various translator web sites where you can enter a word and obtain the translation. I found these useful on occasion, although slow to use.



* Apparently there is great interest from a large number of people in acquiring that second passport and it's generating large revenues for the Polish government. If only they would make the process simpler and faster. Currently, anyone seeking a permanent Polish passport must go to Poland to lodge their birth and other related certificates in Warsaw or with the appropriate local government office if they have a connection with that town. This can be done in any reasonably large town, but it must be done in person.


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