Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

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Renting holiday homes in Poland

This page is about renting holiday homes in Poland. We have recently purchased our own holiday home in the south of Poland, and after furnishing and equipping it, are beginning the process of marketing it on the Internet.

This section may be useful to anyone who is or has done the same. Perhaps people could share useful tips and experiences. We have come across other Brits and Americans married to Poles who are carving out a new successful life for themselves in Poland, some running Bed and Breakfast establishments, others tour companies or language schools.

Our holiday home in Poland

Now that it's up and running, our holiday home can be viewed at

We plan to use it ourselves fairly frequently, offer it to family and enjoy it with friends. We do not yet know how this will all work out, early days.

We have heard from others about some of the difficulties of running holiday rentals from a distance

The main problems seem: to be:

  • that of obtaining the right person to clean and maintain the house to a high enough standard. Not many people will care to the same degree. This same person is the one you need to rely on to deal with problems as they occur. Are they up to the job?
  • A high degree of communication is required to know what's going on. It;s up to the property owner to call and keep tabs on things.
  • Having a list of capable and honest maintenance people such as electricians and plumbers, who won't fleece you just because you're abroad and a supposedly wealthy westerner.
More about marketing your holiday lets or rentals in Poland soon ....


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